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Sunny Smiles have created 100's of smiles worthy of framing and displaying. Wanting to have a perfect smile isn’t merely a question of vanity. The way we look often tells other people a great deal about us as people, and this is truer of our smile than it is of most other things. A clean, healthy, well maintained set of teeth gives the impression that you are a person who looks after themselves and creates an aura of good health and well being. That in turn can have a positive effect on all kinds of things from your job prospects to your love life. What’s more, the feeling that your teeth, be they misshapen, discoloured or otherwise damaged, are letting you down can cause a massive dip in your confidence, smiling, laughing, talking freely, they all become more difficult if you’re ashamed of the state of your teeth. 

Lumineers are an alternative to traditional teeth veneers which can give you, quite literally, a brand new smile. Lumineers are attached quickly and simply to your teeth, in a procedure which is much easier than that required for traditional veneers and which, unlike the traditional veneers, leaves the structure of the tooth wholly intact.

Lumineers® are contact lens-thin and are placed over existing teeth without having to remove painful tooth structure (unlike traditional veneers.)

  Lumineers Teeth

Lumineers® are an excellent option for people who are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of their teeth.  These ultra-thin porcelain slips fit perfectly over the teeth making them look cosmetically perfect, white and completely beautiful. An off-white or crooked smile can cause serious confidence problems.  Lumineers® are a fantastic alternative for patients wanting a beautiful smile without surgery, harsh chemicals or painful treatments.

For Lumineers® to be applied, the underlying teeth, bone and gums must be healthy.  Patients with gum disease or tooth decay must be treated prior to Lumineers® placement.  Unlike dental veneers, Lumineers® can be left in place for over 20 years or removed upon request to expose the intact original teeth.  Lumineers® can be fitted in just two appointments, and instantly add pizzazz to the smile.

Here are some of the problems that Lumineers® can solve

  • Large gaps between the teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth.
  • Stained teeth.
  • Uneven gums and teeth.
  • Unnatural looking bridges and crowns.

 How can Lumineers® benefit me?

Lumineers® provide a wide range of advantages over similar treatments.  The most meaningful advantage to anxious patients is that no painful alterations of the teeth are required prior to the LUMINEERS® application.  The covers themselves are so thin and unobtrusive that speech and eating are seldom affected.

Here are some of the other advantages of Lumineers®

  • Last over 20 years.
  • No harsh drilling of inner tooth mechanisms.
  • No injections.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • Only two dental visits required.
  • Option to place multiple LUMINEERS® at one time.
  • Perfect, pearly-white teeth.
  • Thickness of a contact lens.
  • Totally reversible treatment.

Are Lumineers® strong enough? 

Lumineers® are constructed from Cerinate® porcelain, which is known for its exceptional strength.  Even though Lumineers® are thinner than dental veneers, they are less likely to break or chip.  Additionally, Cerinate® porcelain can be colour-modified and balanced.  This means that different levels of opaqueness and translucency can be utilized.

How are Lumineers® applied to the teeth? 

After you have decided to have Lumineer veneers our usual  approach is;

Stage 1 – Your initial appointment with your dental surgeon At your initial appointment at a Perfect Smile clinic, your dentist will explain the how Lumineers work, and whether they are suitable for you.
Stage 2 – Preparing for the Lumineers Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and the mould will be sent to the Cerinate Smile Design Studio, exclusive manufacturers of Lumineers. Using the mould, scientists at the lab will craft your unique Lumineers. There will also be some slight drilling, since the fitting of Lumineers requires some roughening of the tooth surface.
Stage 3 – Attaching your Lumineers At your next visit, your dentist will test your Lumineers for fit and shade. Once this has been established, after some slight etching, the Lumineers will be fitted and set in place with a curing light. Unlike traditional veneers, a full set of Lumineers can be attached at one visit, and the entire procedure is painless and only takes about an hour.

One of the main reasons Lumineers® are so easy to fit is that little etching has to be done beforehand.  With veneers, many teeth might have to be permanently altered or drilled to ensure the best fit. However, Lumineers® offer a beautiful end product without any drilling, anesthesia or extensive etching.  This factor alone can reduce the time in the dental chair by almost half, when compared to traditional veneers.

During the initial visit, bite impressions and X-rays are taken to determine the exact way the teeth fit together.  The dentist also thoroughly examines the teeth to ensure that no tooth decay and no signs of gum disease are present.  Together, the dentist and patient choose the colour of the Lumineers® and the desired level of transparency.  The bite impressions are sent to the laboratory to be custom-crafted.

The Lumineers® are bonded to the teeth at the second appointment.  If bonding substance has oozed out from beneath the Lumineers®, this is carefully removed using a beveled featheredge margin. Once the Lumineers® are in place, the dentist polishes them until they are completely smooth.  The advantage of this smoothness is that bacteria and staining agents cannot easily adhere to the surface of the Lumineers®.

The Lumineers® are finally separated.  Up until this point, they are still attached where the bite impressions suggest teeth would naturally join.  The treatment is finished, leaving a beautiful white smile, and perfect, healthy teeth.



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