Clinical & Governance Policies

Governance Policies - London and Essex

There are a variety of different policies which we use to ensure our services ares of the highest standards.

Below are examples of these policies. We hope over time to publish more  policies so that both patients and dental regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission and the General Dental Council can read and examine these and remain confident in our adherence to the highest standards of service provision: We also encourage our staff and test them regularly and audit them to assure they are aware of them.

Accidental Innoculation Injury

Business Continuity Plan

CJD Patient Information and Consent

CJD Reporting Form

Collapse Routine

Consent Policy

Cross Infection Control Policy Poster

Cross Infection Control

Disinfection of Dental Impressions

Equal Opportunity

Environmental Policy

Hand Hygiene Policy

Health and Safety General

Health and Safety Ionising Radiation

HTM 01-05 (Department of health guidance on essential quality requirements and best practice)

Innoculation Injury Hep CInnoculation Injury Staff

Innoculation Injury Public

Inoculation Injury Chart


Management of Blood and Other Body Fluid Spillages

Mental Capacity Act

Out of Hours Emergency Dental Service

Patient Record Managment

Patient Satisfaction Audit

Personal Protective Equipment-Risk Assessment

Radiation Protection Policy

Radiation Safety Policy

Sunny Smiles Dental Innovation Complaint Procedure

Staff Handbook

Withholding Treatment from Violent And Abusive Patients

Zero Tolerance.docx


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